Adopt A Hydrant

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With the reports of the incoming snow storm and an estimated 5 + inches of snow the area is going to be receiving take make an effort to clearing the hydrants located near your residence while shoveling out this weekend.

A Hydrant 1

Clearing all snow from the area within Three Feet of the Hydrant allows access to firefighters in the event of a fire in your neighbor hood, an unclear hydrant delays firefighters from a much needed water source. The hydrant you shovel out  may be the one needed to save your own home.

Be a Hydrant Hero by adopting your hydrant, in the event that you are unable to take action with shoveling out your hydrant feel free to contact the fire station at 570-748-5958 and let the Firefighter on duty know about issues with the local hydrant.

Provide the following to the Firefighter:



Location of the Hydrant

Color of top of Hydrant