In House Training

On 3/18/2015 members of the Hope Hose Company and Hand In Hand Hose Company participated in an inter-department training  on SCBA competencies and through the wall self rescue practices utilizing a wall prop that was constructed by members this past winter. Eleven (11) members were in attendance.

11084612_10153038046371998_1099034330_n 11084555_10153038046226998_1042545554_n 11084489_10153038047151998_98641535_n 11084430_10153038046346998_2075445791_n 11082857_10153038046421998_677803145_n 11082855_10153038046786998_124108055_n 11081577_10153038046826998_1270940189_n 11081543_10153038046856998_1719234244_n 11079846_10153038046316998_1762097819_n 11079685_10153038047086998_899846560_n 11077798_10153038047201998_415940281_n 11077440_10153038046711998_570508109_n 11072779_10153038047356998_1499824863_n 11072459_10153038046641998_1775981276_n 11072469_10153038046771998_1644063215_n 11072164_10153038047026998_1469133744_n 11072084_10153038046911998_295624915_n 11051230_10153038046951998_341029554_n 11040299_10153038046561998_1183335195_n

Wall Prop 15

Wall Prop 14

Wall Prop 10

Wall prop 11

Wall Prop 5


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