Hope’s Receive New Training Prop.


Today the Hope’s received a Forcible Entry Door Simulator purchased with PA State grant money. This new door simulator will allow Fire Department members within the City to practice forcible entry skills, allowing faster entry when they are actually needed on the street and preventing unneeded damage.

The Door Simulator can be configured to simulate most any door found on the street to include inward swinging doors, outward swinging doors, heavily “bolted” doors, and light duty doors. This simulator also allows firefighters to practice methods that are specific to each door type.

The Door Simulator unit is build to last many lifetimes of training and its built in the USA. The only part of the Door that is destroyed in training is a 2X2 (heavy resistance) or 1X1 (light resistance) inch wooded block that is used as the “lock.” One standard 8 foot, 2X4 when cut properly will give more than 30 “door forces.” These 2X4’s are typically donated by local persons/ companies or bought extremely discounted do to the fact they can be blemished, warped, or otherwise unsuitable for construction needs.


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