Members complete certification process

The Hope Hose Company #2 is proud to announce that recently members have complete the certification process to attain National and International certifications in firefighting disciplines. Captain Tyler Wooding recently became certified to the Fire Officer 1 level through ProBoard and IFSAC. With Captain Wooding’s certification, this brings the total number of Fire Officers holding positions to 3 out of 4. With the Chief, Captain and Lieutenant all holding the certification of Fire Officer 1. Also this’s week Chief Harber attended the DEpartment of Homeland Security’s Center for Donestic Prepairdness. While there, he completed their Hazmat Technician Program and Tested for National and International certification as a Hazadous Materials Technician, results of that exam will be released within fourteen days. 

The Hope Hose Company values and encourages National Certification of its members to provide a competent and higher level of service to the community.

The Company is currently a participating department member through the Office of the State Fire Commissioner at the 10% level.


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