Area Firefighters Complete Aircraft Rescue Training

This past weekend members from 20 members from five area fire companys converged on the Hope Hose Company for a weekend of Aircraft Crash Rescue training. Members from the Hope Hose Company, Hand-In-Hand Hose Co., Citizens Hose Co, Woolrich Fire Co., and Howard Fire Co. spent two days learning how to deal with Emergencies and Crashes involving multiple types of Aircraft.

IMG_1234 IMG_1235

Day one included information on Airport Operations and On-Airport Safety, Aircraft Types and Identification, Aircraft Construction and Systems, Typical Incidents, Suppression Agents and Application, Response Options, Resource Needs, and Recovery/CISD. Students were treated to lunch by the Hope Hose Company.


Day two was comprised of hand on live fire training with a prop provided by Butler County Community College. Five groups of four members completed over fourty (40) burn evoloutions from 8am until 2:30 pm. students were confronted with propane fed live fire scenireos involving engine fires and cabin fires.

Snapshot 1 (6-15-2015 11-46 PM) Snapshot 2 (6-15-2015 11-45 PM)

Fires were fed with both vapor propane and liquid propane.

Members were provided with lunch on day two compliments of the Mill Hall Pizza Hut which donated 10 pizza’s for students to enjoy  during their long day of training.

The Hope Hose Company #2 would like to thank the Clinton County Comissioners for their $600 grant to make this training possible, The Mill Hall Pizza Hut for fueling our responders sunday with their donation of lunch, Superior Plus Energy Services of Howard for the donation of 251 gallons of Propaine to keep sundays field day going, and the area firefighters who took their weekend to join us in this training expeirence.


Videos of the days training can be found on our facebook page 


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