Tower Runs Rescue Assignment in the 27 Box

On 7/3/16 at 1649 Tower 2 was special called for Box 2701, a Rescue Assignment for the report of a Hang glider accident with person trapped 70 plus feet in a tree. At this time Tower and Chief 2 responded and upon arrival on scene positioned to extricate the conscious, un injured operator from the glider.


Crew members loaded the high angle equipment from the tower onto the aerial device and proceeded to the operator.


Upon gaining access to the individual a fall arrest system was attached to the operator and they were safely removed from the tree and into the tower ladder with no complaints of injury.


Units operating on scene included Engine 27-1, Squad 27-14, Squad 29-14, Ambulance 29, Ladder 29-70, Utility 29-20, Tower 2, Chief 2, Deputy 29, Deputy 27.

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